Understanding the Affordable Care Act

Understanding the Affordable Care Act can be overwhelming. While there has been considerable discussion about medical benefits, little has been said about how the ACA changes will affect dental benefits. In the short video link below, Brent Williams, CEO and President of Dental Select discusses the impact on dental benefits and what Utah Employers and Employees should be aware of.

 Five Ways The ACA Will Impact Utah Dental Insurance

Select the link below to access information on the most common questions regarding dental plans and how the Affordable Care Act applies to them.

Healthcare Reform and Dental Plans

Click on the applicable state link below to see the benefits of a stand-alone dental plan compared to one that is embedded within a medical plan and how it can affect your clients.

Utah (Ave H)


Dental Select strives to keep you informed of any changes that will be made and what choices you will have. If you have further questions regarding the ACA and how it will impact your dental or vision benefits, please contact your Dental Select Sales Executive.

You can also visit http://www.healthcare.gov/ to learn more about the Affordable Care Act changes.

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