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January 5, 2012 - Providers Can Sign Up for Free Registration and Delayed Monthly Billing

Electronic transmission of dental claims has proven to be an effective way to speed claims processing. Dental Select also accepts attachments and other supporting documentation electronically to further expedite the electronic claims process via NEA.You can learn more about NEA by visiting their website at www.nea-fast.com.

Click here NEA DS Promo for free registration and delayed monthly billing with NEA, the first billing date will be May 31, 2012.

National Electronic Attachment, Inc. (NEA), the leader in Internet based solutions for the healthcare industry, presents .

NEA is an electronic attachment clearinghouse, which allows dentists to transmit attachments, via the Internet, for payors to view in support of electronic claims. Attachments include x-rays, charting, intraoral pictures, Op reports, EOBs, and any other supporting documentation required by a payor to adjudicate a dental claim. FastAttach™ is an encrypted, Internet based system and meets HIPAA and HCFA security requirements.

For payors, our system increases EDI claim volume, eliminates storage costs and significantly reduces mailroom costs. There are no attachments to mail back to providers, and no programming is required. A Windows based system with an Internet browser is all that is required.

How does FastAttach™ work? The healthcare office can scan an image or attachment into their computer or capture an image already in their computer, through FastAttach™. Once the image is captured in our software, the healthcare office transmits the image to NEA's repository. NEA immediately sends a report back to the healthcare office with an NEA Attachment Number for each file. The healthcare office then sends the claim electronically with the NEA Attachment Number in the NTE section of the claim form. This is automatically done for those users with access to FastAttach™ Link.

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